Dream Wedding Without Spending Too Much

Having the wedding of your dreams does not necessarily mean having to spend a fortune. If you are going to say yes and still do not know how to celebrate it, follow these tips to make your day truly unforgettable without going bankrupt. If you want your wedding to be beautiful you have to be beautiful your first with a white smile with a dentist in Mexico.

Ask a favour

Rent the right place to exchange your votes can save you a bundle in your budget. Visit your local church or look for a low-cost place. If you are part of the army or a community organization, you might consider moving a few threads to get a good fix.

Long live nature

A good way to save money on flowers and have a beautiful decoration is making the most of nature. Therefore, consider making your wedding outdoors.

One of each

If you definitely want to have flowers, then you can choose a flower in different shades, instead of asking for different flowers. This will help you reduce the cost of decoration a lot.

All season

For outdoor weddings, choose seasonal flowers instead of opting for exotic ones. A good florist will tell you which are the ones that bloom in your wedding season and those will undoubtedly be as good as some really expensive ones.

Think big

Choose larger tables where you can seat more guests. This will reduce the price of centerpieces, table linen and flowers. In addition, you can choose cloth tablecloths more economical.

Two in one, the best option

Make the ceremony and reception in the same place. In this way, you will not have to pay double for decoration and transportation.

A satisfying meal

And, with respect to food, it is better to serve homemade food than a gourmet dish. The homemade food fills more, we like it more and it is much cheaper.

Afternoon party

It is also a good idea to do the ceremony after lunch, so you will save money on food. If you start after 2 in the afternoon, you can serve snacks, snacks and drinks, instead of a full lunch.

Late lunch

But if you want to serve food, it is better to have a wedding day, instead of a night wedding. Booking the place will be cheaper and you will save money on lighting. In addition, guests usually drink less during the day than at night.