First appointment with the in-laws

Whether you are the one who presents your parents to your partner or vice versa is very important that both know that the way we present our partner in your family will be very important in the development of a good relationship between all. So taking into account the above, it’s time we took care to give a good first impression and the first thing you will see is your clothes, the choice of clothes is something difficult but important.
It does not matter anything new, it is better to go with something nice, with what we find comfortable, being true to ourselves. The color says a lot about our state of mind, so it is better that we opt for cheerful colors, but without going over; something that will combine perfectly with black, if it is our favorite color or with neutral colors.

It is important to go simple and comfortable. The simple and comfortable words are not antonyms of going flirtatious, and if we like a garment we should not cut ourselves at the time of putting it on. Try to avoid transparent garments, very low cut or very short skirts could give a wrong image of one. Therefore a set skirt-shirt, t-shirt or a pretty dress will be a good choice.

Do not forget to combine a good appearance with a friendly and smiling attitude, you may even want to go to your dentist in Mexico for a dental cleaning or a whitening to have a radiant smile.

Continuing with the premise of being true to ourselves, we must know that makeup and perfume can be our allies, but also that which makes us look terrible.

Nude, terracotta and soft colors are the best choices for a first date. If there’s something that nobody likes, it’s a girl who is wearing makeup like a clown. A slight touch of blush on the cheeks, a delineator, eyelash infarcts, and a nude lipstick or gloss will be our weapons for the first date.

We must also know what we can talk about. Normally it is usual to talk about little trivial topics, leaving topics as ex-partners, especially if it has ended badly, neither sports, nor politics, nor religion.