How to Find an Austin French Restaurant Ideal for Your Special Occasion

Austin, Texas is a culinary destination for people all over the world. It is also one of the fastest growing cities, attracting people from all over the country who seek booming enterprise, and a unique style that resonates with their own. It makes complete sense why Austin has so many restaurants to choose from, as the demand for creative, luxurious, and rare food finds is growing, and will continue to expand to meet the growing needs of the eclectic taste buds coming into the city.

French cuisine normally comes to mind when people think of Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or intimate birthdays. However, this culinary staple has shifted over the years and is now additionally thought of as cuisine that can be eaten for any occasion, or for no occasion at all. All that said, French restaurants are still amazing settings for special occasions. This article will help you find the best French restaurant Austin has to offer.

The Best Austin French Restaurants Have Unique Wine

Sure, every French restaurant has wine. But a great number of French restaurants also have standard wine lists. The best Austin French restaurants will have a complex wine list with rare bottles. From a deep bodied 08’ Cabernet Sauvignon Bordeaux from Chateau Lynch Bages to a rare Domaine Bonneau Du Martray, special occasions call for special wines. Make sure there is an eclectic list of rosés, reds, whites and Champagne for a wide range of palates and budgets. After all, the best wine bar Austin has to offer will offer amazing wines suitable for all.

French Food in Austin Must be Authentic

There are many dining spots to choose from, so the best Austin French restaurant must offer authentic cuisine made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. All too often French restaurants will make classic dishes with ingredients that aren’t so classic. But Austin diners are savvy and no better. For example, you can find French onion soup in almost every French restaurant. However, if it isn’t made with comté cheese and the stock and onion caramelization aren’t true, it is uninspiring. Some French restaurants add sugar and garlic to the soup to try to “appease American tastebuds”. But if you want an authentic experience, the recipe must be simple, use traditional ingredients, and master the ballance.

Other classic dishes should include boudin blanc, escargots, vol-au-vent, ratatouille, proper muscles & oysters reminiscent from the Southern regions of France, and a featured tartare.

They Offer Amazing Private Dining Austin Options

In order to find the best Austin French restaurant for private dining, the bistro must have options. French entertaining has a style of its own, and from main dining rooms to specially reserved spaces, the room must be ideal. This also means the lighting and decor should offer an ambiance apropos to the occasion, and make guests feel like they are in Paris enjoying amazing food, in an unforgettable setting. Once you find the ideal Austin French restaurant, be sure to book a reservation, as French food Austin crowds are growing!