Problems Of Working Mothers

The work of a mother is heavier than many imagine, it does not just have to attend to the tasks of home or work, if not doing all that without neglecting their children and when their children get sick or need medical attention they should look for to the best professionals but without spending a lot of money such as Pacific Implant Center for dental work in Tijuana. Sometimes mothers do not know what day it is. Being all the same days, without routine changes or a fixed office schedule, it is normal that sometimes they get confused and do not know or day is. Commitments can be forgotten or confused, and much of the fault lies in the famous amnesia of mothers.

However, a study has shown that children who during their first two years of life benefited from a parenting program received their parents in adulthood 25% higher wages than the children of those who had not participated in no program and also revealed that they had lower probabilities of being involved in criminal activities.

Families are the protagonists when it comes to influencing the welfare and development of their children. However, the responsibility does not lie solely with them. Investing in childhood is key to the future development of a country, and the benefits of the first investments extend into adulthood. Decision makers also have to assume their obligations to younger children through effective child development policies. Early stimulation programs integrated into health centers can be an appropriate way. Services for children are a universal human right and is fundamental for the physical and cognitive development of children who enjoy them from the moment of their birth.

Also a study revealed that the best indicator of long-term happiness are stable relationships with family and friends.

According to this study, people with closer social relationships were free of chronic and mental illnesses, and had little loss of memory, although these relationships had several ups and downs.