The Language In The Family

When we speak of language development, it is necessary to contemplate several fields of experience: social, perceptive, processing, cognitive. The time we spend with our children is valuable time not only on the emotional side but also helps them in learning, however if you notice that your child has problems with speech it is essential that you investigate the causes, some are problems that a dentist in Tijuana with Bartell Dental can be easily solved but it can also be for psychological reasons, it is crucial that you investigate and go with professionals. The learning of language is continuously influenced by the capacity and experience of those around us, which is reaffirmed in the theory of study, therefore, the social stratum influences this development.

The authors verified this phenomenon by analyzing. ‘The Early Catastrophe’
The study, coined as ‘The Early Catastrophe,’ saw that children from modest families had an average IQ of 75, compared to 119 of the well-to-do

The explanation presents several possible answers. A priori, one might think that each child has a different capacity when it comes to learning the language, something that experts deny: All children with a typical development acquire their first language intuitively. Therefore, this option is discarded. The authors of the study also did so, opting for another. Thus, the children of families with a lower economic level had an average of 75 points, while that of the children with the highest status was 119. This, according to the researchers, is the basis of what they consider a continuous circle of economic inequality since the Early Catastrophe implies that from childhood a vast chasm is being forged between one and the other. Encouraging dialogue. The solution to this problem: The important thing is not to talk to your son, but to talk with your son, the teacher writes in his blog. So the important thing is not only education in school, but also should be reinforced at home, parents should talk with their children about more profound issues than only football or cheap novels.