The Solution To Youth Violence, School Failure, and Addictions

When our children have dental problems, we usually take it quickly to a good dentist like Mexico Dental Network. However, the psychological and emotional issues of our children have symptoms that are more difficult to distinguish, but if we detect them in time, they can be solved. Therefore, the family is the only and right solution for many of today’s great social problems. Only through a firm commitment will our society be able to move forward.

Youth violence, school failure, addiction problems, even the demographic winter, need a clear answer. And they all have a standard answer: More family, but a real family. Not a mere coexistence, but a coexistence involved, co-responsible, spend more time and quality together, far from being a hotel where couples and children go to eat or sleep.

Commitment of all

That this is a reality needs the commitment of all. First of the couple themselves, who wants to bet on the family. Second, administrations must engage with families. An Integral Family Law is essential that is implied in its protection and encouragement, that facilitates the reconciliation, the co-responsible care of the home, that the time dedicated to the family has its recognition, that a benefit for a dependent child is given up to come of age or finish their studies, that family counseling and mediation be proposed before reaching divorce … And, finally, companies must also put their two cents betting on flexible hours, teleworking, decent salaries that allow keeping the home

In fact, if these measures were applied, it would be an investment both for the State that needs to reverse the demographic winter and receives from each child a return of 5 times what was invested in it, as well as for companies that would improve productivity with focused and satisfied workers and they would see how the reductions are reduced by stress, anxiety or depression.