Why Alpaca Sweaters and Alpaca Socks Make for Ideal Graduation Gifts

Today’s high school and college grads are by for the most environmentally-minded generation. But they also care about having nice things. According to a study conducted by UCLA, 75 percent of young adult graduates say that having high-quality items is important for maintaining a satisfactory life, and 80 perfect claimed to be environmentally conscious with a desire for greener living. If someone special in your life is about to get hooded, you may want to buy alpaca sweaters and alpaca socks as a gift for that special guy or girl in your life. Whether the grad is a sibling, your son or daughter, or a significant other, alpaca sweaters and socks will hit all of their “must-haves” when it comes to promoting a life they want to lead.

Alpaca Sweaters Meet All Fashion Styles

Whether you like a modern, streamlined look that promotes a minimalist fashion sense, or you love to give off a rustic vibe, alpaca sweaters won’t disappoint. They also come in traditional, contemporary and Scandinavian styles. Alpaca sweaters also offer various patterns from pinstripes to a herringbone pattern, from V-necks to cardigans. When it comes to women’s alpaca sweaters, thigh-high jackets and crossover or zip cardigans are popular. For men’s alpaca sweaters, polos, pullovers and cardigans are top sellers from fine retailers nationwide.

Alpaca Socks aren’t Just for Winter!

Alpaca socks are silky and warm, so naturally we associate their wear with the winter season. However, because alpaca fiber breathes well and provides great circulation, alpaca socks are great for wearing in the summer time for those who want that cozy feeling of added comfort. Whether it is a warm evening or their is a freezing blizzard blowing outside your window, alpaca socks will keep your feet comfortable while regulating your temperature. These socks are also very durable and can be worn with any style of clothing making them ideal for graduation gifts.

Why Alpaca Sweaters and Socks Support Green Living

The best alpaca sweater companies actually travel to Peru and Bolivia where historic, sustainable alpaca farms have existed for hundreds of years. When you buy alpaca sweaters through family-owned farms you support their ability to thrive and grow their local community. These farms use traditional methods such as hand-shearing and weaving thus eliminating the use of machinery that releases toxins into the environment. Also, alpaca are farmed in a way where they get to live their lives as nature intended: grazing freely, mingling with their social circles, and other behaviours. Additionally, alpaca have soft hooves so their impact is, quite literally, minimal on the earth’s surface.

Alpaca sweaters and socks will last a lifetime if properly cared for. As a result, supporting alpaca apparel can help reduce “fast fashion” and throw-away attire. This is a terrible industry with factories in places like India and Bangladesh where people are paid poor wages while working in hazardous conditions. Mass amounts of pollution come from throw-away fashion, so when you guy your graduate an alpaca sweater along with a few pairs of cozy alpaca socks, you will be making the world a greener place while supporting their causes through the gift of luxurious apparel.